Product model: sKey-s
Product name: Split access control with intelligent secured power supply



  • This access control kit contain: access control host+ iBox(power supply)+ sButton(exit button).
  • Adopting the aluminum alloy structure, strong and durable, safe and reliable, water proof IP65.
  • 2000 user capacity, each user with 4-6 digits PIN
  • Master card, convenient to add or delete user.
  • Pulse mode, toggle mode
  • Eight working modes option: reader, single door controller, two door controller, interlock, anti-passback, auto mode etc.
  • Specialized intelligent power supply, it communicates with the access host in encrypted mode which is very difficult to break.
  • Two relays in iBox, so we can use this kit to control two doors.
  • Professional door bell function, you can choose door bell which integrated in the iBox or external door bell.
  • Preventing the lock unlocked by strong magnetic, short circuit, open circuit or other illegal ways
  • Other function: alarm function, anti-duress alarm, self-locking, safe mode, swiping multi-card to open door.
Specs Parameter

This kit is the first split design access control in the world. We make it as a guardian angel for “every family”. It has eight working mode, suit for different situation. To protect your property and life safety

TECHNICAL PARAMETER (Access control host)Input voltage:DC12~24V(Supplied by the iBox)

  • Idle current:≤35mA
  • Proximity card: EM&HID
  • Reading range: 3-6cm
  • Frequency:125KHz
  • Wiegand input & output format: 26-37 bit
  • Keypad output format: visual card No; 4 bits or 8 bits of single key pressing
  • Dimensions: 158*43*21.7mm
  • Operating Temperature:-40~60℃
  • Operating Humidity:0~95%(non-condensing


  • Input voltage :AC100-240V
  • Output power:≤36W
  • Output voltage:DC12-14V
  • Output current(for joint of access control host):≤0.5A
  • Dimensions:97*261*42mm
  • Operating temperature:-20~50℃
  • Operating Humidity:0~95%(non-condensing)