Product model: Mini100
Product name: Mini Access Controller


Sebury new split design access controller, connect with different types of reader as long as output format is wiegand. It offers user easy operation & safe guarantee.

  • Compact, economical, practical, secure and reliable access control
  • 1000 user capacity, apply to office , villa, household use etc
  • Setting the function by connected reader or infrared remote control
  • Copy information from each other Mini 100
  • More Security with the indoor installation, the door won’t open even the external reader is damaged
  • Easy installation & Operation
  • Every user can change the password without master if external reader is keypad one.
  • Password is 4-6digits, more security.
  • Wiring is very simple; can be done by users without professional knowledge; can be connected with various electric lock and no need to change external wiring
Specs Parameter
  • Input Voltage: DC12~14V
  • Idle current : ≤11mA
  • Lock Output load: ≤3A
  • Time of copying user information: ≤8s
  • Wiegand input format: 4Bit or 8Bit of pressing one key, 26-37Bit virtual card No.
  • Operating Temperature:-40~60℃
  • Operating Humidity :0~95%(non-condensing)
  • Dimension:86mm×86mm×20mm