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Sebury SMART

Our access control systems includes a number of technical solutions, all of which are aimed on a similar principle: licensed people can move comfortably between zones, but unauthorized access not possible. Our company offers not only access control devices, but proposes that can be solutions to various customized system based on the individual needs of our customers from a simple monitoring system to a highly complex integrated building management. To accomplish these goals, we design complex access control systems that includes, besides pre-fabricated access control devices, custom-made modules and ready-made kits.

It’s a simple solution, even for a complicated task.

Sebury Safe

Our products are suitable for monitoring objects of various sizes and purposes. The advantages of our electronic access control systems are modular design, scalability, easy operation and expandability of system capacity. Based on the needs of our customers, our solutions can be used to monitor and control traffic, record entry incidents, automate motion detection functions, and even integrate other existing security systems.

Besides safety, appearance is also important.


The Sebury sTouch series combines safety and a designed look. The touch surface, the simple, clean design, the monochrome color selection give a tasteful and modern look, allowing the devices to fit almost any environment. The vandal-proof, powerful casing protects the electronics and prevents unauthorized access to violent sabotage.

Durable, reliable, simple.


The tools of the Sebury sKey series combine safety and durability. The sKey Series, unlike sTouch, has a durable aluminum alloy push-button instead of a powerful touch surface, and a robust metal casing for increased load-bearing and tool life. Especially recommended for industrial environments.

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