Product model: sGate One
Product name: One-Legged Electromechanical Tunstile
Working temperature: -20 ~60 ℃
Product size: 280 * 995 * 480 mm


The unit has automatic release levers. In the event of an emergency, the levers will “drop” when the fork is disconnected from the current. After the emergency, the levers must be reset manually.

Specs Parameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Operation: bi-directional
  • Trigger control: Magnetic
  • Levers length: 500 mm
  • Levers carrying capacity: 60 kg
  • Voltage of magnet coil: DC24V +/- 5%
  • Supply voltage: AC230V +/- 10%50-60 Hz, 10A
  • Operating environment: indoor (outdoor with additional unit!).
  • Emergency: In the event of a power failure, the levers will “drop off” automatically.